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A series of images made around the time of sunrise, mainly in London. In 2014 I became fascinated by the stillness of early morning in the city at a time when the only people stumbling blearily through the streets are jetlagged tourists and other photographers, yet you will meet cormorants sunning themselves nonchalantly in front of City Hall. The project extended to take in locations in the British countryside, and although urban and wild landscapes may appear to have little common ground, the stillness of early morning along with gorgeous blue and golden hour colours, atmospheric haze and sense of incipience bring landscape and cityscape together.
Tower Bridge, DawnSunrise, Loch VoilWinter hazeKatie LeaSilver Spire, Thames DawnGreeting The DawnDawn view from Alexandra Palace Park, London, UKRiver Of GoldFoggy Morning in London - HMS BelfastVibrant Sunrise, Loch VoilDawn, Butler's Wharf, London.Sunrise from Alexandra Palace Park, London.Fog Over Tower BridgeDawn, Rainham MarshesLondon Dawn - CormorantsMisty Morning, Loch VoilSunrise - Cormorants and City Hall, LondonHogweedRiver Thames, Golden HourButler's Wharf, Dawn